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Project Coordinator undertakes Certificate Course in Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation

The Kainake Project has been fortunate to have its Project Coordinator Ms. Junelyn Noro attend a Certificate IV Course in Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation at the University of Sunshine Coast in Australia. Junelyn was provided a scholarship through the Australian Awards Program together with more than 20 other Papua New Guineans who are aspiring to become entrepreneurs.

TKP is grateful for the award because the knowledge, skills, and experiences gained by Junelyn will be of great value. Since its establishment in 2014, TKP has realized the importance of an entrepreneurial approach to preserving our critical ecosystems. Many communities are venturing into sustainable livelihood programs to complement conservation efforts with limited success rates. Therefore, we are exploring ways of how innovation and entrepreneurship could become the cornerstone of sustainable community conservation; by encouraging smart investment to increase social and economic returns from conservation efforts.

We are looking forward to 2020 as a year of growth.

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