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Autonomous Region of Bougainville

Papua New Guinea

Kainake Community  Conservation

and Research Area

In 2014 the community at our project site in Kainake, south Bougainville, set aside 55 hectares of virgin tropical lowland rainforest for establishment as a "community conservation and research area" to inspire community led conservation efforts.

This project is currently supported by the United Nations Development Program-Global Environmental Facility Small Grants Program. In November 2015 a small Planning Grant was provided for community consultation to be conducted and social safeguards to be put in place. Following the successful community consultation, UNDP-GEF is supporting the establishment of the conservation area, building of a resource center and development of training manuals for capacity building and training.

In September 2016, a mammal survey conducted within the conservation site and it was found to be inhabited by 17 species of mammals. It included the endangered giant tree rat Solomys salabrosus and the vulnerable bat Pterapus mahagnus.  Also found was the rare rat Melomys bougainville.

Part of the community conservation and research area at our pilot project site