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Education and Training Projects
Institutional establishment

Project Title:                 Establishment of Kainake Community Conservation and Research Area

Project Location:         Kainake Village, Siwai District, South Bougainville, Autonomous Region of Bougainville

Partners:                      Kainake Village Assembly/Community Funded

Status:                         In progress (2014 to now)

The Kainake Elementary School was established in January 2014 at the pilot site to cater for an urgent community need. The nearest school to the community is up to 2 hours for the kids to walk. This created an immense problem for the community because school aged children were not in school and by the time they were enrolled into schools they were older than other students. This off course created other problems.


Since the establishment of the Kainake school, more school aged children are now in school. Currently the school is catering for children aged 5 to 8 attending early childhood learning, elementary prep school, grade 1 and grade 2. Although the school has been registered with the Bougainville Education Board in 2015, teaching positions have not been created meaning that our teachers continue to teach on a voluntary basis.


The Kainake Project supports the school through provision of materials, books and teaching allowances for the teachers.  

Staff and community training

Project Title:                 Certificate IV in Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation

Project Location:         University of Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Partners:                     Australia Awards

Status:                         In progress (December 2019 June 2020)

Project Coordinator Ms. Junelyn Noro is currently attending a Certificate IV Course in Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation at the University of Sunshine Coast. Junelyn is part of a Papua New Guinea cohort of entrepreneurs who are attending this 6 month course through an Australian Awards program. The course participants have had a wonderful experience of both classroom and real life learnings. They have been fortunate to meet and network with a wide range of entrepreneurs in Noosa and Brisbane who have shared years of experiences in doing business and creating new ventures. 

As part of training, Junelyn is working on a Business Plan for improving vanilla production and trade. TKP started a vanilla project in 2015 as part our our livelihood project. However, the project was not progressive as expected due to lack of knowledge and technical understanding on the cultivation of the crop, processing and quality assurance, and finally understanding of the global economy and market access. Junelyn will use her knowledge to ensure that an entrepreneurial approach is taken and make vanilla a sustainable business with economic and social benefits to the community.

In 2020, TKP is also running a vanilla training workshop for farmers in the community. This is in partnership with Broken Nose Vanilla based in far north Queensland. Broken Nose Vanilla distributes vanilla across Australia.  

Project Title:                 Certificate in Biodiversity Conservation

Project Location:         University of Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby, National Capital District, PNG

Partners:                      Exxon Mobil, Mama Graun Conservation Trust Fund, UPNG

Status:                         Completed (1st December to 20th December 2019)

As part of our ongoing capacity building, TKP nominated Mr. Nelson Pakerai from the Kagalalo conservation area to undertake a Certificate in Biodiversity Conservation at the University of Papua New Guinea. The short course is intended to build the capacity of conservation organisations working around PNG. 

The course covered both terrestrial and marine conservation – with topics in the following;

• Definition of biodiversity from gene, species, populations, communities, habitats, and Ecosystems
• Ecosystem Values and Services,
• Valuation of Biodiversity
• Biodiversity Threats
• Biodiversity Conservation & Strategies
• High Conservation Values
• Biodiversity Planning
• Governance and Management• Access Benefit Sharing of Biodiversity, Goods, and Services


Project Title:                Vanilla training workshop

Project Location:         Kainake Village, Siwai District, Autonomous Region of Bougainville

Partners:                      Bread for the World, Broken Nose Vanilla

Status:                         6th of April to 8th of April

A vanilla training workshop will be conducted by Professor Matt Allen from James Cook University in Cairns. Professor Allen is the owner of Broken Nose Vanilla in far north Queensland, which has distributions chains across Australia. The training will cover vanilla cultivation and processing, quality control, and establishing growers networks. 


The workshop is open to any one to attend. Information on the course outline and application form are provided below. Please enquire for information by emailing: or contacting Jeffrey Noro on 74646129. 




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