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Book on medicinal plants ready for shipment

The Kainake Project (TKP) is thrilled to have 500 copies of the "Medicinal plants from Siwai" book ready for shipment to Papua New Guinea. The book details the uses and applications of over thirty medicinal plants in photographs and text, including local Motuna and English languages, as a way to preserve knowledge and language. Dr. Noro explains, 'in the Motuna language, the traditional name of the plant describes the functionality of the plant. Therefore, if we lose the traditional language, we lose a whole body of knowledge that is a critical tool for local ecosystem management practices.'

The book has been designed to be fun and easy to read. It is intended for local and international audiences of all ages. In particular, color and images is used throughout the book as a way to positively engage local children with their traditional knowledge and culture. Copies of the book will be distributed to schools in the Siwai district and other TKP project sites in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.

We look forward to the book launch in Siwia on the 19th of September 2018. The book launch will also coincide with the opening of the Kainake Resource Centre. The opening will be officiated by a representative from the UNDP. TKP is grateful for the support UNDP has provided as the main funder for the book publication and resource centre construction through their UNDP-GEF Small Grants Program. The resource centre and book launch launch will also be co-officiated by the Honourable MP for South Bougainville Mr. Timothy Masiu, who is the Patron of TKP.

A portion of the books will be for sale in Papua New Guinea and internationally, with all money going to community projects, ready for shipment early November 2018. To register your interest in purchasing a book, email

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