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The Kainake Project Officially launched by Professor Tim Flannery

On the 9th November 2017, Professor Time Flannery officially launched The Kainake Project as a registered community based organization at the 2017 Australia Awards Dinner. Attending were more 350 guests, comprising senior political leaders and academics from Papua New Guinea and Australia, The Australian High Commission and the 2018 Australia Awards scholarship awardees.

During the launch, the Executive Director of the Kainake Project Dr Jeffrey Noro unveiled the Kainake Strategy 2027, a guiding document that details strategic directions for the organisation’s four development programs. This ten-year plan will focus on the following four development programs; Society and Human Security, Education, Environment and Climate Change, and Research, Science and Technology.

It was humbling to have three Kainake community members travel from Siwai, Bougainville to attend the dinner. It was important for the community members to travel and connect with other professionals and academics. They were able to talk about community environmental concerns and to share their experiences in community conservation approaches.

Kainake community members with an Australian High Commission staff
Chief Patrick from Kainake having a conversation with Professor Tim Flannery and an Australian Commission staff member

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