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Autonomous Region of Bougainville

Papua New Guinea

Research, Science and Technology

Pillar 2 of the PNG Vision 2050 focuses on "Wealth Creation" and objectifies employment of technology to enable downstream processing in agriculture, forestry, fisheries and tourism sectors. Hence our organization encourages the deployment of research, science and technology to improve and add value to commodities so that greater value is obtained while minimizing environmental carbon footprints.

There are new technologies in renewable energy, ICT, biofilms and a host of other environmentally friendly products that are emerging for public consumption. Our organization is interested in the adaptation of these technologies to integrate into its environmental management system, processes and project applications.

Current research projects have led to the identification of species of mammals never scientifically reported from Bougainville before. We are also working on employing technology into improving agricultural productivity.

An unidentified bat that was found within the conservation site during the field expedition to study the population of the endangered species